{"id":"3d9e94d1a1f94203485f586fa1ee84b1","image":"https:\/\/img.datasheet.cloud\/3d9e94d1a1f94203485f586fa1ee84b1.jpg","url":"https:\/\/pdf.datasheet.cloud\/3d9e94d1a1f94203485f586fa1ee84b1.pdf","pdfinfo":"10 Pages, 128 KB, Original","data":"PRELIMINARY TECHNICAL DATA Low Power, 16\/24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC AD7788\/AD7789 a Preliminary Data Sheet FEATURES AD7788 Has 16-Bit Resolution AD7789 Has 24-Bit Resolution POWER Specified for Single 3 V and 5 V Operation Normal: 65 A typical Power-Down: 1 A RMS Noise: 1.5 V AD7788: 16-Bit p-p Resolution AD7789: 19-Bit p-p Resolution (21.5 Bits Effective Resolution) Simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz Rejection Internal Clock Oscillator VDD Monitor Channel 10-Lead SOIC Package INTERFACE 3-Wire Serial SPITM, QSPITM, M"}